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Advantage Intslate

Every school's foundation is built on different set of principles, values & vision, and thus has its own customised needs for better and optimised working. Intslate caters to the unique wants of every school with its highly flexible and adaptable cloud technology that not only smoothens governance but also boosts school's productivity. Most importantly, Intslate employs educational data mining technique and uses learning and academic analytics with an objective to transform all collected data into new insights that can benefit students, teachers and administrators.

Byintslate 15 Feb,2016

Why “Intslate: A school Management Platform” requires in every School

Our First Hand Experience in Education Sector We have vouched the changing patterns of School management system over the years in completely dif

Byintslate 13 Feb,2016


Online examination has become the need of the hour and every educational institute has rapidly been adopting this popular technique of paper-le

Byintslate 13 Feb,2016

Employees can work from everywhere

  You can gain full access to information across devices from anywhere in the world through web based apps powered by Google cloud.

Byintslate 13 Feb,2016

Human Resource

Human Resource builds and shapes up the foundational working of any organisation, and so is true with schools that have to manage an impressi