Fee Management in “Intslate – A School Management Platform”

Fee Management in “Intslate – A School Management Platform”
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Intslate is a school management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the operation and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources. It covers every aspect of the school from pre admission to post admission and HR Management to Accounting system. It consists of 32 modules.

Fee management is one of the module in school ERP, Intslate.

As the name indicates It is a module specially designed to control the functions and calculations of fees. Fee collection and management are critical operations for the schools. It allows to fully customizable and robust fee structures effortlessly. It clubs various fee components for various streams to generate a flexible fee structure. Fee management module provides you complete reporting in a single click.

Fee management in School ERP, Intslate is a

  • digitized way of collecting fees along with cash & bank
  • maintaining fee records
  • bringing technology closer by allowing parents to pay their fees through internet (via payment gateway)
  • not only means a electronic way of collecting fees but maintaining records and much more.

Benefits of using Fee Management in Intslate, School ERP:

Fee Management in Intslate provides us complete reporting, recording, analytics, graphical presentation of incoming money in a single click. It helps school management in getting to know what is accrued income, total collection & what is due. You can send fee reminder as SMS so that parents could stay alert about the due date, delay & late fine. Intslate – A School Management ERP with such features to handle fee seamlessly along with hostel & transportation makes it a leading brand in its domain.

Student fee collection and management are critical task for educational institution. The school management spends lots of time and manpower to manage fee.

  • Fee Structure Creation
  • Fee Due Alerts
  • Online Payments
  • Accuracy
  • Receipts
  • Productivity
  • Access 24/7

Fee Register is divided into two categories : Head & Sub Head. And, Reports are accordingly available in 360 degrees view. E.g.

  • Fee Dues (Class wise, section wise, category wise)
  • Fee Accrued
  • Head & Sub Head wise collection, due
  • Transport wise collection & due.
  • Hostel Fee Reports
  • Interactive Fee Dashboard
  • Transaction Lock, where you can lock the transaction within a stipulated time. No Insert & Update will be possible after wards.

 “The cloud-based fee management system provides fast and automatic backup from anywhere”. And where parents can make their payment using parents’ dashboard.


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