Go Green – Go Paperless with the School Management System

Go Green – Go Paperless with the School Management System
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School Management System: Have you ever wondered about the estimated use of papers in our daily life? According to a survey about 406 million metric ton paper is produced every year. Out of which 12.7 million tonnes are the sum capacity of paper used in India.

And an average household throws away 13,000 separate papers each year. So, you can easily predict how much does management uses and throws away papers.

Talking about the schools, each student uses around 1800 sheets just in schools. The data of papers, which the administrative system uses is twenty times more than that.

Hence, I hope now you can estimate the average use and wastage of papers in every sector!

Make Your School Digital And Paperless With Online School Management System:

Hitherto, the rising use of papers is causing lots of disadvantages to the territory. And with this rising issue of papers within the world, you should start adopting the paperless environment in your school.

Intslate, the Online School Management Software In Ranchi is the major contributor to the eco-friendly environment in the city. As it has deployed many schools of the city into a paperless school. Thus, has stood as the leading Academic Management System and Best School Management System In Ranchi.

Nevertheless, before making your school green and eco-friendly you must know why are you doing this? And what benefits it will bring to your organization as Intslate has done to the top schools of Ranchi.

Benefits Of Hiring Intslate – A School Management System In Ranchi

1. Standard Environment Credential:

Intslate first builds a website for the schools. A website which none less than an e-school in terms of administration and managerial system.

This website contains all sorts of information that a parent, teacher or student needs regarding the school. It also brings students from outside to take admission in a particular school. And through one click on the website, anyone can take a virtual tour of the school.

But the service is not limited to the website itself, this School Management Software Of Ranchi also builds an Online School ERP App which is easily accessible to the concerned authorities.

2. High and Safe Data Storage:

The 21st century is all about securing and keeping your data safe. Hence, to walk and lead with the latest fashion and technology, Intslate, the School Management Software Of India has taken care of all your concerns.

Apart from making your school paperless and eco-friendly, it takes all the responsibility of keeping your data safe and only accessible to you.

Also, to create a hassle-free School Academic System, it provides a wide data storage facility that can never be lost.

3. Academic and Administration Management:

A school organizes several activities, exams, seminars, meetings, etc daily. All of these will be deployed on the online platform with Intsalte’s service for you. From attendance to results and notices all will be uploaded and will be visible on the online site. But you don’t have to worry, these won’t be displayed to the 3rd party. Only parents, students, teachers and admins will have access to these. The admin will have access to everything whereas the parent’s, teacher’s and student’s accessibility will depend as per your choice.

4. Management and Helpdesk –

The students who are willing to take admission to your school can get each information from the website itself. Also, from the site itself, he/she can apply for admission and register for the same followed by the school’s guidelines. If he/she is facing problems then through helpdesk they can clear their doubts. This helpdesk will be available 24*7.

5. Performance Analytics –

This is the specialty of Intslate’s service for your school. The performance analytic portal will display the progress report of each student. Nevertheless, this will also display the weak and strong subjects of students so that the parents and teachers can work on the same.

The motto of hiring the School Management Software for your school should not be just limited to being digital. But you should also see how hiring this can groom the work potential of the employees and teachers. And at the same time, the teachers can work more on the progress of students than just being bound with the messy paper works.

 Intslate, being the Best School Management Software Of Ranchi has brought solutions to all your problems by creating a hassle-free Online Academic System by bringing profit to the same.


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