How can a School Management Software Help You to Reach Your Students in This Lockdown

How can a School Management Software Help You to Reach Your Students in This Lockdown
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School Management Software: The reck of safety which has to lead to the lockdown in different states of the country. Jharkhand too is following the rule ordered by the Prime Minister of India. Although this lockdown is an essential need to stay safe from the pandemic, most of the sectors are even working by sitting back at their home without breaking the safety measures and precautions needed to stay safe from the COVID-19 attack.

So, what steps have you taken for your niche or organization to not hamper the work efficiency?

As you already know, digital technology is a vast need which helps an organization to work efficiently even in remote areas. Therefore, you should not put a stop on the work of your sector in these 21 days of lockdown be it a business, organization, education, or any other zone.

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By taking advantage of this lockdown many organizations have already buckled up to work more and tackle every minor to major issues through online media and without stepping out of their house.

Reach Your Students with Intslate – A School Management Software 

Education is the primary need of every student. Also, the last semester of school and college-going students are on-head. The moment the educational institutes will open, it will be a pressure for you to complete the syllabus and assignments of your students.

To help you avoid the 11th-hour pressure, the School Management Software in Ranchi has brought out digital solutions to your problem.

Intslate, the School Management Software is now providing listed facilities to all the schools of Ranchi:

  • Online Classroom Program

    Through which you can teach your students by just sitting back at home.

  • School ERP App

    Through with the students and teachers can get their own school’s online portal to manage the assignments, homework, notes, and projects without coming to school in this lockdown.

  • Online Dashboard 

    Students can attend the online class or webinar sessions by easily signing into the dashboard. Also, the class session will be recorded through which they can see it as many times as they wish. Nevertheless, at the same time, they can clear the doubts with their respective teacher in the chatbox which will be available during the online classroom program.


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