Higher Productivity is gained through Quick Access to Innovation of Intslate academic management system

Higher Productivity is gained through Quick Access to Innovation of Intslate academic management system
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We are at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live work and relate to one another and education being the perennial part of society is largely influenced by web-based innovations as we can observe education driven revolution is penetrating with staggering pace of change, redefining the experiences of students, parents & teachers.

With this scale, scope and simplicity Intslate is unlike anything people of Ranchi has experienced before and the changes are massive in size, speed and scope.

Intslate puts efficiency, excellence and management at top of its agenda

Also, focuses on terms of progress, with its unique aspects like modules incorporating each functionality on single platform right form Academic Management System to school administration and human resource management.

It is a cloud-based School ERP Software as a service with spotlight on academic excellence through performance analytics, emphasize paperless system through online examination, gives prominence to flawless communication      in-between parents, teachers and student with swift notifications and SMS services, insists on student safety with RFID linked student I cards and most importantly includes HR & Payroll management system and stock and inventory systematized structure.

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intslate school software
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Intslate focuses on innovation based on school’s vision of coherent,

cost-effective and well-organized administrative structure creating a transparent school system bringing in different perspectives and different experiences, especially it provides access points to each and every important stakeholder with convenient interfaces for computer mediated conversations and interactions.  

In a pursuit to Academic Management System excellence, Intslate employs data as necessary tool with a comprehensive application of data analytics breaking down student’s facts and figures of each subject involved and assisting in taking measures to improve student’s performance and create subject interest with capabilities of performance analysis report with productive amalgamation of tactical planning and endeavours.

One of the essential aspects of Intslate is that it attends to requirements of both teacher and students like it bestows a user-oriented, hassle free platform for uploading download of assignments, homework and real-time update and evaluation in addition to this online result are also displayed breaking down in info graphics and pie-charts making it lucid for student and parents ensuring a unequivocal system.


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