Intslate: Online Examination Management

Intslate: Online Examination Management
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intslate online examination system
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Intslate Online Examination management has become the need of the hour and every educational institute has rapidly been adopting this popular technique of paper-less examination never thought of before. This not only results in making the process more efficient and time-saving but also helps in bringing transparency to the system.

With this module, schools can conduct all their exams ranging from admissions to weekly testselectronically, andsimply do away with the manual correction of bundles of test-papers. Questions can be set well in advance on the basis of varying classes and subjects.

The optional feature of intslate online examination management is to generate Question Banks in advance adds to the unique value of this application.

  • Question Bank – Objective, Short, Long, Numeric
  • Question Paper Generation – Random or Option to Choose
  • Subject, Chapter, Topic & Sub Topic Level
  • Difficulty Level – Easy, Average, Good, Difficult
  • Weight of Each Question Settings
  • Online Examination
  • Practice Test Generation & smooth Distribution among students


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