Make School Learning Boundless and Stellar with Intslate School ERP

Make School Learning Boundless and Stellar with Intslate School ERP
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It is in vogue in education domain to add sort of tech suffix to their name as we venture into a comprehensive digital revolution and swift adoption of web-based services it is important to know what future of schools may look like.

This generation evolves with technology and it is important to bolster a platform that creates a vibe allowing technology to help students realize their potential in a fulfilled manner. Intslate a cloud-based School ERP Platform blends the online world inclusive with real-world interactive experiences abetting in holistic revamp of schools administrative, academic, human resource, safety, and asset management responsibilities.

Basically it is a versatile and non- intrusive nature of this management system that makes learning immersing and captivating thereby creating a seamless school environment. Shutting the door for all the impracticality in the traditional school system, Intslate an unfaltering disruption comes as a breath of fresh air shapes parent, teacher and student affinity by offering finer accessibility, distribution and a unique format of delivery.


Make School Learning Boundless
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Its modules are extension of school’s identity creating a consolidated database system with utility of cloud-based application and data analytics approach with major focus on performance analytics and endpoint being a holistic paperless system, online examination functionality along with display of results on the platform exhibiting the student’s performance to parents at their fingertips, building up a fluid teacher-student communication direct upload of homework & assignments accompanied by evaluation inculcating a constructive curriculum management extending its benefits to co-curricular activities like surveying participation in sports it helps in unlocking student’s true capability.

Intslate curates a solution to the volatile financial system in the traditional school system encompassing a fee payment gateway providing a unified online fee payment system including all nitty-gritty of late fines, dues in the same user-friendly interface. One of the core aspect of our school management software is its proposition for a fluid administration ranging from human resource and payroll management through employment of biometric system for attendance, creating a streamlined leave system for employees also providing real-time information also to keep a efficient and transparent check of all the store transactions and purchase order, create on-time reports and procurement exceptions.

This School ERP System unveils a structure ensuring uninterrupted communication between parents and schools through a simple system like swift notifications with SMS. One of the crucial aspects of Intslate is its RFID linked I-cards with the objective of student’s safety providing the exact location of student’s whereabouts.

Intslate considers data of student more than a tool creating an unparalleled system with the centralized database system and data analytics with framework collecting, processing and engineering of student’s data making them beneficial at the same time use of infographics to make complicated statistics lucid to parents making sure they get child’s full progress on their fingertips.

Also making sure each and every relevant document and data of students are secure we employ a trustworthy Google cloud system and personal cloud storage.

Many of the schools in Ranchi is taking advantage of Intslate as one of its by-product being it is cost-effective and economical for schools harnessing its benefits eradicating all maladministration and aggregating every school obligations through a proven School Management System.

Intslate a successful endeavor to a flawless school system is accessible to on the phone, laptop and tablets pioneers in providing a full –service with our complete support in adopting and deploying this cloud-based school ERP system.


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