Why “Intslate: A school Management Platform” requires in every School

Why “Intslate: A school Management Platform” requires in every School
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Our First Hand Experience in Education Sector

We have vouched the changing patterns of School management system over the years in completely different perspective which has equipped our team members with a better understanding of school needs in this arena of management and administration. Intslate has been developed by our high calibre team keeping in mind each and every requirements. Besides, it monitors the performance, development and growth of each limb of your school be it management, staff, students which ultimately forms the basis for forecasting the development trend of each segment of the school. In the process, Intslate focus on the learning analytics of your students which is the main concern of any school.


Intslate is a very unique school management application in as much as it has been developed as a responsive application. It doesn’t require any installation at client end. You can run it on any kind of Operating System and can view it in your mobile, desktop, laptop or tab with equal comfort level.

Data Security (256 bit Encryption)

Your Data Are Your Real Assets.
We encrypt all important imformation ensuring high end data security which keep your data intact. Your data remain safe on google cloud from where you can easily retrieve your lost data in case of any mishappening. You are protected by Google’s Investments in Security. Minimal data is stored on computers that may get compromised, after a user stops using web based apps on the cloud.

Cost Effective

Pay As You Go.
The benefits which you get from Intslate are far more than your investments. Besides, asking for a nominal recurring expenditure, Intslate does not require you to make any heavy investment in the infrastructure necessary to run the application. We understand you always look for cost effective solutions as you never like to create any burden upon the students and parents by hiking the fees for this facility.

Higher Productivity is gained through Quick Access to Innovation:

Our system can distribute updates efficiently and deliver functionality on a weekly basis or even faster.

Less Disruption is Caused When Users Adopt New Functionality:

Rather than large disruptive batches of change, IntSlate delivers manageable improvements in a continuous stream.

Higher Uptime and Reliability:

If a data center is not available for some reason, the system immediately falls back on the secondary center without any service interruption being visible to users.

Employees Can Work From Anywhere:

You can gain full access to information across devices from anywhere in the world through web based apps powered by Google cloud.


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