Schools’ need of Digital impression: IntSlate

Schools’ need of Digital impression: IntSlate
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With the evolution of human civilisation, history has witnessed inventions and innovation that resulted in changing the dynamics of this world. Of all, the field of computer technology could certainly be attributed with leading the major transformational leaps that has changed our lives in magical ways. Gone are the days when one would have to wait for months to communicate with his family members living miles away in some geography of the world. Hardly does one have to walk a certain distance any longer to purchase commonly consumed household items on a busy weekend. Let’s all graciously welcome and celebrate the wonders of this digital world, A School Management Platform, that has impressively impacted a major chunk of our progressive society.

When the world is all abuzz about the new digital age, it’s then that we, at Intslate, believe that Digital Impression has become a must for schools that have led the way for humankind for years.

Following are some of the reasons we firmly believe about this:

  1. Significant reduction of paper usage:

    There are tons of paper work being done at any time in a school ending up into waste after its use. Work involving recording of attendance, fees management, accounts, and examination use good amount of paper on almost a daily basis. This gets almost negated by shifting to a digital platform where RFID enabled attendance system, online payment and management of fees and paper-less examination take the front seat and change the work flow for a smooth running of the school.

  2. A big time saver:

    Needless to say the numerous ways in which the modern smartphones and palmtops have saved us from hundreds of thousands of seconds which otherwise would have been a serious time-consuming and tedious task. The same principle holds true for schools as well. A digital platform ensures optimized working and governance of a school system where technology speeds up the work flow and saves hours of work for school officials which could then be utilised for its main goal-education.

  3. A secure system:

    Security is perhaps the most important aspect of any school which has to store and deal with tons of personal and work-related data. Any loss or leak could result into a nightmare for schools. A digital platform like Intslate ensures safe storage of all the data with a 256-bit encryption system

  4. Easy access to communication for students, teachers and parents:

    A common digital platform acts as a healthy and in-time communication channel for ensuring a virtual conversation on regular basis among the chief stakeholders of a school namely-teachers, parents, and students. Parents could have access to work assigned to his ward, be updated with all the school activity, and get remarks from teachers about their ward’s school performance.

  5. A transparent system:

    One of the major objectives of going digital, School ERP, is to establish a transparent system where in-time information gets equally conveyed to school authorities and no second review is needed for mandating certain decisions for the welfare of the school. Further, transparency in the system gives rise to trust among the stakeholders and contributes to the growth of the school.

  6. Cost Saving:

    This is perhaps the most compelling aspect of shifting to a digital platform, “Intslate – A School Management Platform“. According to a survey, a digital impression can reduce the cost of an organisation as much as twice the original. And, more significantly can lead to a better ROI on every investment made by the school. It would be justified to admit that technology reduces the general labour cost of any organisation.

If your school isn’t already digital yet, go for it and enjoy all the benefits of this much needed digitisation. Intslate, A School Management Platform, provides a compact cloud based school management solution at a very feasible value.


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