Library Management Software


The RFID System of Intslate involves no manpower to manage the libraries. It is software that maintains every minute of large steps within the library in a systematic form. It reduces the paperwork and load of librarians of schools and varnishes the fear of losing books at any cost. From issuing of books to its submission all can be maintinaed by RFID System. Through a single click, the school can gain information about any book, any category, or any students who hired books without a single folly.

If any school or college wishes to manage their library system on their own but in an effective way, the can do it manually too! All they will need to do is just update their library-related information and data on the software which causes no inconvenience and avoids heavy paperwork and the fear of losing any data.

The Library Managemnt System of Intslate eases the workload of schools and boosts their efficiency with easily accessible library software that can be done through any system and no high costs.

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