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A School Management Platform is the advance trigger through which the educational institutes run their regular administrative,academic and managerial system on an easily-accessible e-platform..

Intslate , the well- known platform for Best School Management Application Software is meant to ease the workload of schools to ultimately boost their efficiency for better productivity of the institutions as well as the students. Nevertheless, it also deploys schools into a paperless campus and boosts the productivity.

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Our Core Module

We Develop
Schools Into a
Paperless Campus


Organize the enrollment of students digitally within the specified timing through systematic and coherent management of candidate’s records without involving manpower

Fee Management

Simplifies the transactions for fee collection with receipts of online payment through seamless connectivity by easing the payment procedure for parents

Human Resource

Monitor all the activities of the school staff belonging to different departments through an extensive set of features to fasten the pace of the entire system effectively


Automated system designed to show full compliance against the daunting monthly process of employee’s salary by detailing the records of taxations and pay on time under the payroll management of Intslate


Installation of RFID and Biometric Software to track the arrival and departure of students and teachers marking their safety which in turn automatically updates the attendance record in the school’s system
About Intslate

The Platform that Brings An Advance Solution to Schools by Enhancing their Work Productivity

As a School Management Platform, we provide refine modules through our software for effective management of a school system under which the collective work is done variably on a single platform.

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Our Core Module

Online Circulars

Update the regular information and notices on the online panel that will be redirected to the student's and teacher's portal


Easily manage complete details of various segments including the data of students,teachers and other employees

Time Tables

Plan a systematic schedule of the regular and upcoming events and activites to maintain consistency of daily school system without failure


Maintain the disciplinary library decorum under the seamless system and keep a handy record of library equipment on the finger-tips

Audit Trail

Gain all sorts of information on the user’s movement and performance in his online panel inculcating the updates and removals in the login board

User Log

Displays the activities of each user in his/her panel, the time one devotes and makes changes to the pages can all be gained on a single click

Docket Management

Maintain the record of inward and outward movement of documentations without facing the fear of losing data at any cost

Our Core Module

Front Office

Runs the reception department of issuing, registering, and updating appointments, incomings, and outgoings with paperless maintenance its records

Assignment & Homework

Assign tasks to the students through the portal itself and provide them lessons and notes on a single go to help them learn and grow consistently


and organize hassle-free programs and events under no work pressure and paper-based processions within the time limit

Student Health

Module to keep a health record of students for their good hygiene and health. Further to supervise them with precautions and prescriptions if required

Student Performance

A special feature to monitor the performance of each student, showcasing their weak to strong areas in each domain of academics and co-curricular activities

Data Analytics

Data Analytics tool typically focused on the students to keep the data and stats of students in each section, from their information to their progression in studies, activities, and personality

Progress Chart

Displays detailed progress results to nurture the students to perform better by understanding their frails and commands overstudies as well as extra-curricular activities. Also, encourages them by rewarding them for their good behavior and performance

Online Exam

Conduct each type of assessment or examination variably for every class and section-wise without involving the workforce

Online Classes

Avail and provide benefits of synchronized learning methods through audio-video classes to build an interactive digital decorum anytime and anywhere

Track the live record

Maintain a live record of the employee, student, and transport activities in each domain easily and precisely

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  • Attendance
  • Communication
  • Fee Managemen
  • Human Resources
  • Examination
  • Assessment/ Result
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  • Standard +
  • Time Table
  • Circulars
  • Accounts
  • Inventory
  • Fleet Management
  • Hostel
  • Academic Management
  • Front Office
  • Certificates
  • Feedback
  • Online Enquiry
  • X
  • X
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  • Professional +
  • Library
  • Performance Analysis
  • Online Examination
  • Activities
  • Health
  • Discipline
  • Audit Trail
  • Poll
  • Docket Management
  • Cafeteria Management
  • Event Management
  • Procurement (Vendor Management)
  • Assets
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