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The IntSlate school management software IntSlate accounting provides associate economical answer for account management mistreatment varied functions like day book, bank deposit/withdrawal, credit/debit note and payment.

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Need of Account Module:

Financial management is the most tedious task for any organization. Account management is one amongst most vital part of the monetary activity. Accounting store manages all knowledge concerning the bank dealing yet as a student fee assortment or any expenses. Voucher and imprest cash details obtainable yet total expense and financial gain, manage exactly by IntSlate accounting module. The IntSlate accounting management simply maintains student charge details, worker expenses, faculty expenses and fully details of the monetary activities.

With IntSlate you get:

1. Automatic Accounts Attachment With Fee, Salary, Loan & Advances, Payment To provider etc. – where cash Comes, several Entry Goes To Accounts mechanically

2. All prevailing vouchers obtainable

3. Cheque Clearance Module

4. Ledgers, balance, Profit & Loss and record etc. in a very Single Click For Any Given amount

5. Appointment Management

6. Handling amendment of Address

7. Grievance Redressal Section

8. Handling Dispatch, Inwards etc.

Everything you need to successfully run your small business.








Leave Records
Handling Leave Application for Employee(s) and Student(s) and access to those application from anywhere at anytime.

Handling Sales of Petty things with the total information to handle the utility reports of those things.

All the Report at one Place:
Around all Utility Reports related to accounts are underneath this Section only

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