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Intslate puts together a unified and consistent arrangement that keeps account of attendance of all staffs, employees, teachers and students on single touchpoint and dashboard at the same time taking care of past attendance and performances documentation.

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Advantages of Attendance Module

  • It will provide the data of every person related to your intuition.

  • You can check out the presence and absence of anyone in your school through a screen without looking and searching for papers and written records.

  • An attendance management system will leave you with an essential to have feature with your school.

Features of Intslate Attendance Module

  • Intslate provides specific attendance systems for teaching and non teaching staffs.

  • With the staff name it also denote a specified code to each staff to make it more easily understandable.

  • With the designation it also describes the in out action with the puncting system of every staff.

  • Intslate bulk attendance system makes it easy and more clear to fill up the daily attendance of every student of every class through the automatic filling system with the roll numbers and names throughout the week.

Attendance module is to computerized the tradition way of taking attendance. Another purpose for developing this software is to generate the report automatically at the end of the session or in the between of the session .



Intslate employs a self-executed or a systematized transparency in attendance documentation of students and teachers as well, to automate the attendance system


Intslate has a secure repository system for all record keeping with a swift process for finding and storing records


Intslate significant aspect is its automated system to generate relaible and desired reports on your fingertips

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