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Class Management

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Among the various concepts evolved and materialized more lately in the field of academics or formal education, especially in school education, classroom management has been considered as one of the cohesive and integrated functions of institutional and functional intervention areas in teaching-learning.

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Class Management

Classroom Management is the influx of fresh & in-vogue strategies in roadmap of student engagement , learner concentrated pedagogical procedure, collective and concerted approaches to teaching-learning materials development and implementation, making classroom discourses more inclusive and creating appealing classroom infrastructure and rules for teachers, students and also for the parents.


The purpose of implementing class management strategies is to enhance prosocial behavior and increase student academic engagement .Class Management systems are most effective when they adhere to two basic principles :

  1. Emphasize student expectations for behavior and learning.
  2. Promote active learning and student involvement.

"Classroom Management is not about having the right rules
but it is about building right relationships and establish a vibrant atmosphere"



A School ERP Classroom management system consists of a stable classroom blueprint, directives which fosters development and discipline, productive scheduling and organization, induces instructional techniques and inculcates effective communication


Intslate Classroom management yields certainity and lucidity in school adminstration, building a positive fraternization between teachers and students, proper appraisal and assessment platform for students, informed and cognizant decision making.


Intslate classroom management component affirms focus on learning, intelligence as well as potent learning with overall student engagement with developing a logical prepective student.

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