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Curriculum Management

Outcome-based curriculum management software for higher education is focused on mapping the skills and attributes of students, facilitate pedagogy, demonstrate learning through online tests and quizzes, and improve student learning outcomes.

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Advanced security:

Centrally store curriculum units and resources in one place with exible role-based security enable users to access data with minimal effort from anywhere, anytime.

Internal Communication:

Online discussion forum allows faculty to engage about units, lessons or about any other topic initiated by administrators, teachers, students or parents.

Customisable design:

IntSlate curriculum platform allows educators to create, review or revise various aspects of curriculum. Curriculum mapping system promotes collaboration among instructors across programs and courses in different departments of the school.



The origin and essence of any educational institution especially schools is its curriculum. A Curriculum Management System , in its extensive sense, is an computerized system which guides the overall curriculum process from deliberations to execution to evaluations. In an process to make such curriculum models easier to comprehend and describe an engaging prototype system that allows users to envisage the various model components from different dimensions .


Curriculum management system based on pillars of curriculum maintenance , visualization, analysis and assessment providing a pragmatic solution to guide teachers build and regulate relevant and engrossing curricular programme of academics and outline lessons content and map the framework for a comprehensive coverage of syllabus.


Curriculum management module makes sure that courses and services are to be ”responsive to the needs of our stakeholders” and rational approach to curriculum management hence making it easier for faculty to create a class for a particular subject area. Make it easier for department heads and other administrators to evaluate the syllabus of all courses in a program

"The most important thing that schools can do is not to use technology in the curriculum more,

but to use it more effectively. "

Top question about Curriculum Management

How curriculum management guides in planning, teaching & learning?

Intslate curricular management system is massively shifting away from rote learning, static lessons towards more flexible, streamlined and framed instructional materials. Lessons and units are conceptually split off as individual blocks to make it simpler for students and teachers to approach, assign, and share.

How Curriculum Management system helps in sharing lessons & materials?

The best ideas come from involvements, so faculty need to be able group up together. The same goes for curriculum management and customization.It’s as simple as being able to upload a material or reference notes to your preferred professional learning tool to share it with colleagues. But some platforms streamline the process by consolidating materials and notes along with the lesson pages so they are easy to find and share efficiently.

Can teacher personalize reading materials?

Through Intslate we connect the curriculum precisely to the students and their work gives an opportunity for grade standardization, conversation around grade expectations as well as a resource for future teachers.

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