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Documents provides vitality for seamless school functioning For a educational enterprise a consolidated and centralized repository for Document is critical making you a intelligent and transparent , hassle-free organization helping in cross-referencing and compliance.

Intslate provides system with efficiently secure, convenient user interface, proper integration & easy retrieval.

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Intslate school ERP system provides you accessibility, availability & reliability of Documents with proper assessment , coherent workflow , time and also it has holistic search features, easy document revision approval system and it is cost effective.

Access from your laptop,tablet, or phone

This is user friendly ready on hand system with receptiveness on all medium of phone, tablet or laptop making it ubiquitous.

Access from your laptop,tablet, or phone

INTSLATE School ERP can be accessed through different mediums like Phone,Mobile & Tablet making this a well disposed platform as well as convenient for students, teachers & school adminstration

" Intslate provides a engrossing, easy-going mechanism and course of action for teachers and student to involve together and create a paperless system "

Top Question About Document

How different is Intslate Document management system ?

Intslate troubleshoots mismanagement and eliminates misappropriations of traditional school system documentation process helping in informed decision making and grasp of the situation for efficient school management

What is need of a document module in school management system ?

The school management software should manage and store your day to day school business. It should provide users access to relevant school information, and permit users to access the information within few mouse clicks.The software should be user-friendly and navigable. It should harmonize all departments into a single frame to review closely each functionality.

How Intslate document management system helps ?

Intslate gives teachers a expected plan of action extracting considerable statistics, using infographics for technical and easy review of student performance through proper document record

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