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FAQs for Intslate users

Intslate a unparalleled and a prototypical school ERP system offering multiple touchpoints for every stakeholders parents, teachers and schools to create a efficient performance oriented and good administration driven school

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General FAQs

Let’s get those questions off your mind

What do I get in the free trial?

It’s simple – you get access to all the features in the any plan, and should you face a problem, have a question, or simply want to talk, we are always there – via email and chat.

Can I replace my current software with Intslate?

Absolutely, you can we have found that many schools are looking to get rid of their current School ERP and entrust intensively on purpose on Intslate to actualize a paperless, data employment & data analytics concentrated , cloud application system , so we have created a framework to switch to Intslate from other software.

Who owns my data?

You, of course. It’s your data after all. We want you to use Intslate, because you love using it, not because we have held your data “hostage”. You can export all your student data, books' record, personnel data, reports & documents from Intslate whenever you want.

Is my data safe?

We take data security very seriously. All customer data is securely stored in Google data centers, and the network design ensures no unauthorized access. All web interactions are encrypted through SSL.

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