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Homework & assignment

In order to keep the students fully charged and geared up to face the examinations this module has been developed where, the school can create different types of assignments, homeworks, assignments, project works, and others. It can be assigned class-wise, section-wise and even to a particular group of students with option of multilingual description. Different kinds and of different subjects of files related to homework and assignments can be attached and sent in doc., pdf, jpeg formats. The assignments can be assigned and allocated to the students using IntSlate Home and Assignment module and the best part is that all the works can be assigned via mobile to the concerned person independent of location and time.

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Homework and assignment

It is a paperless as well as efficient solution to all your homework and classwork assignment issues. It assists your teachers entitle and monitor assignments class-wise while also helping the administration track progress by establishing transparency. Homeworks can be pre-planned and can be pre-scheduled for auto publishing on mobile and web portal, offering you a streamlined platform for teacher and student to engage and create assignments and homework to make conceptual clarity of subject and eliminate examination preparation hiccups

The parents are notified regarding the assigned homework/assignments through mobile notifications so that there is no communication gap and the parents may guide and help the students in completing the tasks assigned for home.

Support system

Homework and Assignment module is created to support and guide students, parents and teacher uniformily adapting grade lift-offs, student academic burden management, assignment type choices, subject specific assignment categories, infographics progress presentation, convenient assignment editing interface.

Direct platform

Homework and Assignment module consists of a broad framework with components like homework planner with uploading and downloading of assignments, sharing of assignments also the required content and information feed on platform, compulsorily for continuity homework posts is there with reminders of dates and most importantly a convenient dashboard with putting in regular notification for students.


Intslate creates a all-inclusive framework to engage all stakeholders with parents, teachers & students to create a engaging platform and put up comprehensible dashboard to keep updated about homework submissions, next assignment downloads,future tasks and gradings and evaluations of homework.

"If homework is assigned, it must be purposeful, transparent, and tied to learning experiences.

Students shouldn't have to guess the reason for the homework, or worse, mindlessly complete assignments for the mere reason because they were told to do so"

Top question about Homework and assignment

How Homework and Assignment module helps teachers?

Homework and Assignment module is a explicit and a unambiguous module where all the assignments & tasks is systematized by the platform , teachers can bring out and broadcast assignments on dashboard for their respective classes and can simply retrieve the tasks given on certain specific chapters, most importantly teachers can help with essential records and manuscripts to draw out conclusions and assumptions related to homework.

How Homework and Assignment module caters to student?

For students any homework and assignment associated communication will materialize on the instrument board giving a straightforward platform for students to download the assignment given as well as simple homework submission structure is there in pdf fromat providing a integrated system for teachers and student to compliment each other in lowering the burden and eliminating complications homework issues in traditional procedure.

How Homework and Assignment module involves parents?

It helps Parents to be involved with pupil’s progress as it gives them a interface tomonitor and ascertain about homeworks submissions as there is centralized database for every module keeping a check on student’s progress and improvement in student performances.

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