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Intslate a School ERP architecture culminates a comprehensive digital transfromation framework bridging the divide through analytical, adminstrative driven platform with objective of realizing student actual potential and establishing a paperless system.

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No Need for Expensive Hardware

After choosing INTSLATE cloud applications, you don’t have to put resources in external storage gadgets. These applications operate on web browsers and are perfectly fit and suitable with most mobile devices & tablets. Students and schools, thus, don't need specific laptops or computers to access the content. Even with a simple smartphone, every student is good to go!

You Don’t Require Expensive Software

The building of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model is regarded as among the highly competitive benefits of cloud-based computing. It’s now common for institutions to access low-cost subscriptions. Thus, students can access superior applications with no need to break the account

Reaching Out To Wide Sort Of Students

INTSLATE Cloud-based application has unraveled diverse potentials utilities for learners. That's more specific to students who aren’t served well by the customary systems. Education has shifted to grid ; thus, even adult students can finish their school without much stress. Students nowadays enjoy alternativeand choice based forms of learning. Hence, they find it easy to train in specific areas where they need improvement

Easy Access of Information

Intslate manifests a versatile platform with convenient approach for students, teachers and parents.Cloud-based applications facilitates lucid reception on your fingertips or few clicks. That's from notes, grades, lesson plans, labs, and slides, to mention a few! All teaching tools and requirements can be easily approached and uploaded by professors and learners

Data Security

INTSLATE provides a framework a shielded open source platform for efficient school adminstration.Every student or instructor wants their content, information, data, or images stored in secure places and safeguarded INTSLATE Cloud-based application provides strong authentication guaranteeing only the right users can access information and respects privacy. Students also find it easy to share their tasks with instructors comfortably and securely. Students likewise find it easy to work on assignments and projects and to engage within learning groups.

A Paperless School

Going completely paperless is the inbound objective of Intslate a school management system and it implements a ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) framework taking into consideration computerized formation and a repository of documents and files to administer and maintain data.A positive spill-over effect of a paperless school management system is preserving natural resources increasing productivity.

Performance Analytics

Intslate through performance analytics accumulates data and with help of information then there is interpretation and brainwork behind each student academic conduct, engagements in extracurricular activities like art & culture sports performances and inspire kids to appreciate and realize genuine flair and aptitude and bolster the school kids with positive attitude

Try the Demo version

Try Instslate free of charge for 30 days.The demo version offers enlightenment and description concerning the comprehensive diverse modules of the software system that has an unbelievable reach to the big task of the tutorial sector. In fact, a real time access software system is an open chance to know better the top-notch options to be resolute and convinced with better access.

Student's saftey

In all school safeguarding student security is of top preference .Taking this into consideration school management these days focus primarily with tech-driven framework’s like following the trail of student conveyances, straightforward correspondence between parents and teachers, applying RFID tagged ID cards for real time whereabouts of students,

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