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Performance driven system supports in effective alignment of goals with strategic planning for students as well as teachers and assist students in academic and career objectives for better vision.

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Intslate puts into practice a systematic, computative strategies for precise value judgements, appraisals of student performance, weighing up on each student strong points and ineptness and setting forth opportunities and assistance for improvement of student performance and be a helping hand in shaping up student performances.

Access from your laptop,tablet, or phone

Intslate through performance analytics accumulates and interpretates data, facts, figures and facilitates to be approachable system through multiple platforms on mobile, tablet and laptop simultaneously.

Need for a Performance Management

Performance oriented School Management system is relevant for students to realize their true aspirations and aptitude and at the same time it contributes in effective monitoring and evaluation of academic portrayal of students by teachers.

Access from your laptop,tablet, or phone

Intslate being a multidimensional School ERP system is accessible on phone, mobile and tablets leading to effective communication and response driven arrangement.

How is Instlate a performance focussed system

Intslate performance analytics system excels in providing monogrammed academic functions, subjective evaluation of student overall performances like attendance or participating in sports or library activities and then figure out best plan of action

"Take a minute look at your goals, look at your performance
See if your aptitude and behaviour matches your vision"

Top Question About Performance

How to enhance performance of a particular student?

Intslate offers a comprehensive performance driven system within Saas to derive insights, observations drawing out conclusions & evidences henceforward to decision making, resolutions and management.

How a performance system helps in academic development?

Data driven performance management system guides in holistic academic management with regular monitoring of progress, student behaviour and improving classroom interaction, inculcating foundational wisdom of talent.

What are the indicators for performance system ?

Intslate employs value-added indicators or KPIs for performance analysis like tests outcomes, attendances, learning outcomes, reading proficiency, scientific temper in student, classroom behaviour, sports participation, psychological stability

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