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Our goal is to ensure the success of a school with Intslate. We also know that your time is valuable. That's why we designed our onsite product training to make getting started with Intslate as quick and easy as possible. Intslate’s training is for everyone in your team including the techers & admin staffs. There's specific training for Chairman, Director, Principal, Headmasters, Class Teachers and account’s head.

We're here to help you with your digital journey each step of the way… Intslate way

Understand the Product

Empowering Educators and learners with solutions that deliver measurable goals.
Our cloud solution is too handy to administer the school affairs with utmost ease, saving much time and energy of all the stakeholders.
All patrons will also get equally benefitted by having easy online access to the school system.

Learn By Modules

In this competitive world, A School faces differed challenges while working on its main goal of imparting quality education. As a head of the institution, you not only have to ensure the admissions for the financial year ahead, exam are being conducted on time, but also obtain accreditation for your institution, seek affiliation and ensure compliance.
As an academician, you have to create lesson plans, keep track of students' attendance, prepare the timetable and monitor the quality of content delivered to learners. Being admin staff you have to control your budget with various needs to be fulfilled.

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Receive swift guidance from our experienced and professional team involving any services and component of Intslate

Get instant messaging and notification support through Intslate for any speedy instructions and directions.

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Clarify and puzzle out all your doubts and questions through immediate advices.

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Our team is there for you in overall process of Intslate implementation giving all the support for expeditious application of school ERP .

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Learn from our customers

We are cloud-based School ERP SaaS system
at present in function in many schools in Ranchi
and we offer a system where we facilitate to learn from our customers.

Top Questions about Product Training

Is there any Installtion required inside the campus ?

No, its a cloud based school ERP system with no external installation required inside the campus.

What about Data Security?

INTSLATE provides a framework a shielded open source platform for efficient school adminstration.Every student or instructor wants their content, information, data, or images stored in secure places and safeguarded INTSLATE Cloud-based application provides strong authentication guaranteeing only the right users can access information and respects privacy.

Can Parents Login to the application system ?

Yes, Parents are giving a complete accessibility to the platform ensuring complete transparency with student academic progress, student's whereabouts ensuring child saftey,payment gateway integration for financial clarity,sms or regular notification framework for streamlined communication

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