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Intslate the full fledged and unified School ERP software application, developed by the experienced professionals can offer you 100% efficiency in running an academic institution

If you are ready to let your institution go comprehensively digital with application of analytics and cloud computing , you should try the package which are closely associated with the upgraded innovations and technologies


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The demo version enlightens you and provides descriptions concerning to comprehensively diverse modules of the software system that has unbelievable reach to the big task of the tutorial sector. In fact a true time access to software system is open chance to know the better and top-notch options and be resolute and convinced with a better access.

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A ideal and flawless school management software is the one that all across the board the system of all schools of any size. Identifying the need of various schools for complete school management software that suits best the system of any school, a tailor made system. Intslate proposes a comprehensible school management system software – covering all gaps for solution for all schools.

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We propose to see adaptive systems as school ERP with highly dynamic features.The transition is quite rapid, because this is a step from a strictly technical role, to a managerial one.Transition supports easy tracking of developments, streamlines communications & improving the potential behaviour.Intslate the school ERP has multilevel modelling and functionality structure ensuring proper progression with admins and sub-admins available there.

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Intslate believes in collaborative system creating a flexible structure involving all the stakeholders as parents, teachers & students and constituting a inclusive system working with all partners.

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