Need of Stock and Inventory Module

With entry of time, an ever increasing number of things are acquired and obtained by the school subsequently adding to the stock rundown and on the off chance that it isn't overseen legitimately and properly, the school will never have the capacity to monitor burglaries, lost things, things conveyed, and things sold.
The school puts intensely in stock and its administration and support is important by all gauges and means and this module is the best answer for this test. The staff individuals and instructors may send an online demand for various things and there is an arrangement of endorsement by the concerned specialists with client characterized levels which makes it sufficiently adaptable to be altered by the school as wanted.

The Benefits of Inventory Management module

  • Create and Manage Item categories
  • Manage Item Location
  • Manage suppliers
  • Unit Measurement
  • Search Items
  • Received/Return/Issued
  • Purchase Orders
  • Material receipts

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