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Students use Intslate the school management software to know the day to day activities happened inside the campus and save their precious time to cultivate themselves, And you save your time from entertaining parents/students each time. Students everything know they need to know using Intslate – it’s the ideal way to keep all your parents and students informed and up to date.

Develop a Transparent System, Parents can access Intslate.

Using Intslate, A School Management Application System, students are able to view and print their timetable, see their teaching groups and read their own reports and assessment data. They can also see their attendance and registration information and details of detention or reward and conduct records, and check on their groups and events too. The module also covers exams, with entries, timetables and results available for both internal and external examinations.Setting up student’s account is quick and simple and the whole module is easy to navigate for information and news from other modules of Intslate, such as Daily Bulletin, News and Calendar Manager and School Directory.Every action is logged and You can customise the module to your own specification. It contains useful information for you too, such as number of hits and visits by time, day or month.

Intslate helps in making System more Transparent

Today, Parents are more aggressive to take their wards. They want a transparent system where they can evaluate their wards’ performance, securities, growth and development. They evaluate an institution with the fee they pay and the performance their wards’ deliver nevertheless understanding their wards’ interest, presence and growth rate. Where they expect a miracle by putting their wards’ in school for 6-8 hours only Intslate helps them to analyse the presence, activities, intelligence and nature of their wards. Parents now focus more attention on the feedback system where their feedback can be listened. What could be better than INTSLATE.

Effective Problem Solving

Without clear understanding of the “big picture”, SMC tend to focus only on the behaviors and events associated with problems in the school, rather than on the systems and structures that caused the problems to occur in the first place. To effectively solve problems, It is critical to be able to identify the real causes of the problems and how to address those causes. A systems view provides clear understanding of the “big picture.”

Holistic Development

An advantage for teachers who have a system is that they have stronger knowledge of the primary information of their wards, their performance or intelligence and how they should be taught to more holistic development. A system also promotes focus on achieving overall results, so the day-to- day details of managing the wards and activities, do not become the most important activities for teacher to address – so teachers do not focus in matters that are urgent, rather than important.

Effective Communication

One of the most important ingredients for the success of any system is ongoing feedback, or communication, among all the parts of the organization.Some of the first symptoms that an organization is in trouble are sporadic and insufficient communications. In these situations, people often struggle to see beyond their own roles in the organization. Consequently, people are much less effective than they could be otherwise.

“One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let people know they are not alone." - Shannon L. Alder

Top Questions About Student/Parents Modules

What can be accessed by Parents?

Intslate gives equal opportunity to login the same application and database to the parents/students. No separate login for parents and students, both can access Intslate with common credentials. But, their access is limited with School Calendar, Time Table, Exam Schedule, Result, Performance Analysis, News & Updates, Online Circular, Attendance, Online Fee Deposit using Payment Gateway, Fee Deposit History & its Due date, Events & Activities and Achievements.

What Students can do using Intslate?

Students can access their class & school activities like class work, home work, activities, events of their school. They can only request for leave, book reservation in library and extra doubt classes. They can take print out or download their attendance, result, exam schedule, certificates and projects. They have very limited rights to write. Each leave application will send a text message to their parents' mobile. They have result analysis at their dashboard.

Benefits of Parents using Intslate

Parents can access their kids' performance, development, growth, attendance and participation in the school. Intslate could be their security check point as well. Parents can access school bus real time location using GPS based vehicle tracking system of Intslate through their mobile. Parents will get SMS if their ward is not present without any pre-intimation. They can also check school activities and their ward participation at their finger tip. It will lead them to more satisfaction.

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