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Fleet Management

From optimization of school transport management to maintaining a track record of the number of students availing the facility, Intslate’s Transport application does a GPS plugin to map every movement of school vehicle, from students’ home to school building and vice-versa. To meet its objectives, it uses a specifically designed application, called Xorage, for proper mapping and routing of every school vehicle. It also enables parents to track the location of their wards on way to home and school with the help of a modern Smartphone.

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Advantages of Vehicle Tracking System

For Schools, Safety and security of their students matter most. Intslate-VTS is an all-in-one solution for your school bus real time location tracking. It gives you an ultimate control over your bus and makes you tension free while you are away from your bus. Take picture inside the bus, receive different types of alerts on your mobile. Check out the Benefits of a VTS.

"Intslate - Vehicle Tracking System" can help to reduce running costs by specifically targeting those who speed and waste fuel.
  • Know the travel history of any bus at any given time
  • Ensure if their children has reached the school/home
  • Monitor speed of a school bus
  • Monitor time duration at each stops
  • Track school bus breakdowns, traffic jams, natural hazards, route map etc.
  • Reducing Management Cost by One time Investment
  • Manage fleet with higher efficiency
  • Would be able to avoid fuel wastage caused by excessive idling and inefficient routes
  • Plan and route easily
  • Manage emergency situations such as breakdowns easily

More About Vehicle Tracking System

Child safety matters most for any school and “Intslate-VTS” assist parents and schools in caring their kids the most. “Intslate – VTS” employ industry leading hardware to ensure best performance ever to track kids & bus. Our state of the art technology ensures the real time location tracking, route mapping, bus speed, stoppage notification to parents, emergency alarm to management, geo-fencing & SMS alerts. Our technical experts and customer service personnel provide you an overwhelming experience unlike ever before.

Mobile App for Everyone - Parents/Driver/Management

As the “Intslate – VTS” tracking system has a mobile application as well as a web interface, there are active notifications in both. In case a parent does not have access to a smartphone, he or she can get the notifications in the parent portal or SMS notification. There are a number of instances when parents will get notifications. These include
• 10 minutes before the bus arrives at the designated stop
• Once the child boards the school bus or if the child doesn’t board
• In case the bus stops for an unusually long time at any point
• If the bus stops at a non-designated bus stop
• When the bus crosses the speed limit
• Once the child get off the school bus
• When the bus leaves school campus


“Intslate-VTS” tracking application can be integrated with any hardware. So, you can choose from a wide range of hardware available to the market. User-friendly interface and app experience serves as a centralized system for the school.

Value Adding Features

Intslate-VTS offers to download various reports, manage fleet more smartly and there are options to customize the application according to your preferences.


Intslate-VTS has lots of attractive features that helps you operate efficiently at a very reasonable price i.e. Pay As You Go. Only Pay for what You use.

" We handle the tracking process so efficiently that all you need to care about is, watching your vehicle on our sleek web interface or on mobile apps. "

Top Questions about Intslate-VTS

How do I get Intslate-VTS notifications?

You get the notifications regarding the school bus location in the form of SMS, Android push notifications or iOS push notifications in your phone.

Is it necessary to have a smart phone to receive notifications?

No. Neither requires Internet nor Smart phone. You can get notifications as SMS as well.

Is routing and scheduling done through Intslate-VTS 100% error-free?

Automatic routing and planning is possible using intslate and is meant to be accurate unless something goes wrong with the system.

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