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IntSlate vendor management software allows you to make faster, more informed decisions that improve productivity, impact quality and drive continuous improvement.

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Need of Vendor Management:

It’s essential to constantly work with vendors in the joint effort to improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction. You need to effectively track vendor performance and supplier relationship management to correctly evaluate and compare vendors then decide to whom additional business should be awarded, while proactively minimizing the risk of financial, geographic, political, and operational disruptions. Stop making decisions based on anecdotal information and move to an intelligent decision-making process, based on real-time data using vendor management software.

With IntSlate you can:

  1. Make an informed purchase decision with an effectively managed and standardized vendor information base.
  2. Add vendors to the system
  3. Maintain comprehensive vendor details of opening balance, preferred delivery mode, as well as credit terms, with automatic migration of financial transactions.
  4. Flexibility to modify vendor details
  5. Enjoy the freedom to modify vendor details such as contact information, preferred delivery mode, credit terms, vendor category, and payment criteria.
  6. Multiple vendor list export formats.


Upload and Download
There is ease of use with your existing system by effortlessly exporting vendor lists in convenient file formats such as PDF, CSV, and others, in order to view, mail and print information.

Record and view the vendors details with the product bought and sold with the dates and requirements.

Modify and join
Whenever required new vendors could be added without any limit and can be modified as per the need.

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